mother earth sound system

about us

Founded in 1993 within the San Francisco bay area rave scene, Mother Earth Sound System is now primarily based in Denver, Colorado, with members in SF, Portland and Los Angeles. Since 1997, MESS has focused on doing outdoor Full Moon Gatherings throughout the Rocky Mountains, as well as intimate indoor events that focus on eclectic, deep, quality dance music. Read more


Mother Earth Sound System has always strived to create a special sort of social environment on the dance floor. An environment in which all people feel welcome, safe to express themselves freely, free to move in response to the music and each other. We have found on the dance floor the temporary realization of a more equitable society. We have found that the practice of gathering to dance has the potential to transform individuals and our relationships with each other. We are creators of culture who strive to honor our responsibility to our culture and to each other. We long for the day in which the freedom of the dance floor overflows into daily life. We aim to use music and dance as tools of liberation.

giving back

We agree with DJ Sprinkles who recently stated that “We observe a key function of club spaces has historically been to provide shelter and safe houses amidst dominant cultural violence and discrimination based on sexuality, gender, ethnicity, class and race.” Thus, it makes perfect sense to us to extend a portion of the resources generated during our gathering towards supporting safe spaces beyond the gathering itself. We feel an extra responsibility to offer material support to those communities in which we gather. We are not tourists.

Women’s shelters provide crucial material support to women and children in crisis. Cultural violence is an all too common reality for many. Given that women’s shelters are perpetually underfunded, we feel that it is our obligation to do what we can to give back to the organizations that provide this crucial service in the communities that welcome us. As a result, a small but crucial component of MESS moving forward is that we will be advocating for, and raising awareness of, the need to properly fund women’s shelters. We will also be giving a portion of any profits from our events to the women’s shelters serving the needs of the communities we are hosting our events in.

We feel this is entirely consistent with an organization that has offered up this simple and timeless advice from it’s inception: ALWAYS RESPECT YOUR MAMA!

mother Earth sound system