Full Moon Gathering 2017 Announcement

Summer is here, and you’re probably wondering when this year’s Full Moon Gathering will be announced. Throwing legal gatherings of this nature and size has been getting more and more difficult in our expanding state of Colorado. Finding space that is beautiful and wild-like yet safe for families, that allows us to do what we do, at the volume we like, as long as we like, all in proximity to Denver…this task has grown much trickier over the 20 years that we’ve been doing this.

Rather than forcing a Full Moon Gathering at a less than ideal location and date, we have decided to skip this year and focus all our efforts on securing a more permanent, sustainable home for MESS and the gathering next year. We have already started planning for 2018 and are excited to provide an amazing experience for you all!

We are also working on our annual Dia de los Muertos event this fall and really hope to see you there. More to come on that soon.

Thank you for supporting Mother Earth Sound System, and have a great summer!